hi i'm holly

I'm just sick and tired of being let down and having everything taken from me. I'm tired of being lied to, I'm tired of being treated like rubbish, like I'm trash, like I'm not important or good enough to care about. I'm tired of being led on by misleading words and actions. I'm tired of life giving me lemons, and just as I'm about to pour my lovely lemonade, to quench my long torturous thirst, life just taking them back, hiding them in the smallest crack of the largest cave so I can never find them. I'm tired of people leaving. I'm tired of everyone walking away and turning their backs on me. Deciding that they don't care enough anymore, because they're sick of me, or bored, or I'm not good enough for them and their petty expectations. I'm tired of having to compromise for everyone. Of changing things about myself because I'm not their cup of tea or they can't be arsed to deal with me and my imperfections. Because they're too many. And then I'm tired of people denying everything. Denying that they're like that and trying to convince me that I have no flaws, that I'm perfect. That's silly, everyone has flaws. I'm tired of being second choice. Being put on a pedestal where everything's wonderful and lovely and nothing ever bad could happen, and them having the ground beneath me vanish because something better than me has come along. I'm tired of those rubbish explanations for things. "That's people." And "That's life." Bollocks. It isn't fair like that. If that's people then I don't want nothing to do with them; and if that's life, well maybe I don't want it anymore.

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